TalkTalk Group is a company which provides affordable, reliable, simple, and fair telecoms services for everyone in UK.

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Design system


Once I joined TalkTalk TV team, I was asked to make the ongoing look and feel a standard design system.

What I did

I conceived and delivered a bespoke design architecture in order to establish consistency and efficiency for our TV running over multiple platforms.



Based on Atomic Design, I identified the hierarchy of common elements for any projects, therefore built libraries and templates and proposed changes.

Tree map section
UI excellence

Designing components requires both pixel perfection and exceptions; I had to find a trade off between the two.

UI building blocks
Prototyping and Real data

I managed to integrate Sketch with coding in order to build heavy content interfaces in seconds and being able to interact with our prototypes using the physical remotes.


Design from ideation to final delivery 20x faster than before, reducing costs and increasing standalone learnability and collaboration.

Kids TV design sprint

Kids TV is a safe and enjoyable experience for pre-school children. I was asked to iterate with new features and content.

Activities and results

I run several sprints from research to hand-off to developers by building on top of the current experience.

Testing for Kids TV

Prototyping the new remote

From our insights we were aware that reducing buttons would reduce costs and improve the user experience.

Activities and results

Together with other two UX designers, I contributed to the research and design of a new physical remote.

Remote usage test
Remote of the future

End-to-end product process

In a team of 3 including two designers and a product manager, we have been asked to fully measure an initiative from the POV of conversions.

Activities and results

After tracing down KPI details, we have a procedure to help us design the right thing before nailing down to details.

TalkTalk TV Process