Product discovery

Silca is a worldwide leader as physical keys manufacturer for automotive and buildings. It serves 130 distributors and 8 business units.

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I was asked from a manufacturing company to redesign only the user interface of their online physical key catalogue. The aim is to bring all current catalogues together where people can easily find keys for vehicles and buildings.


Because of the global scale and risks, I recommended a research to address the right user needs and to enlarge the business opportunies. They accepted.

What I did

Finding the right problem

Thanks to the mediation of the company, I already knew which people to interview. So I designed an informal contextual interview protocol, I collected all recording and notes and then finalized in a report.

Solving the right problem

All findings were collected in a priority list which has strongly informed my design decisions for the wireframe and invision prototype and the rest of the team, including the marketing manager, the art director and the developer.


Commercial case study

The process worked very well within the company. They made a commercial case study out of it, investing more money.

Increased customer efficiency and reduced company cost

After some usability testing, now customers can find the right key way more efficiently and effectly, therefore customer care don’t need to waste much time anymore.

Happy customers

Customers were very satisfied to be listened from us, telling their stories and pain points.


This market is not easy to innovate and at the moment there is no competing company in the world with such a sophisticated user centered design process and final output.


User journey

The product is intended for people involved in key duplication and they can be specialists or generalists, experienced or relatively new to the field. Searching the key is the first step to accomplish the job, right and quicky. *Moments 2 and 3 include plenty of activities on-stage and back-stage.

1. Customer gives the key they want duplicated
2. Employee find the blank key they want to cut
3. Employee uses the right machine and accessories
4. Employee give both the new and old key to customer gives the key they want duplicated

User interviews

Together with a Service designer I run generative and evaluative interviews with employees usually involved with final customers. Findings have been collected in two report formats: very short and detailed.

Shortlist of people to interview and user interview protocol.
Self organising methodologies revealed useful insights; on the right a screenshot from the report.


Wireframing & Prototyping

I delivered a high fidelity wireframe done in Sketch with all templates and screen size adaptions. I did an invision prototype for the rest of the team and users.

Collection of keys, before and after
Saving and printing a group of keys, before and after
Wireframe for Desktop, Tablet, Phone