Energy awareness

Enerlife was born in 2011. Besides the active turnover as consultancy, there is young unit about energy metering. Around 20 people work in total.

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Enerlife is a company based in Trieste working on clean technology. Within the energy unit, I was asked to design the digital experience around their metering device, in order to make people more aware of their consumption.

What I did

I was in charge to lead the design process and to facilitate a team made of designer, project manager, two developers, one data scientist and the CEO in a series of iterations, from innovation to design sprint and production.


Design Culture

I was able to infuse design culture inside the company and to allow them to build a foundation playbook in digital product design, both on strategic and tactical activities.


Through the series of design sprint and agile techniques, the team now has a basic but enough understanding on how to iterate from the concept designed together.

People Awareness as business value

It’s not only about energy metering, but also to have advices about devices diagnosis, emergency, unexpected circumstances, personal and flatmates behaviour. Ultimately, people are willing to engage in order to have more precise data about themselves.

Challenging assumptions

At the beginning the CEO was comparing the energy consuption on daily basis in order to have an understanding. We have found out that the ratio of always-on devices consuption and the user behaviour is the most valuable thing for the business model.