Digital transformation

Explora is an ambitious young company involved in biological engineering based in Roma and Venezia. Around 40 people work inside.

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With the headquarter in Rome and research office in Venice, I was the solo designer involved in the digital transformation of one of their core activites. The aim is to allow their clients (biologists, researchers and genetic engineers) to design and obtaining a digital DNA from an online configurator.

What I did

I had a chance to take the project from the beginning and to define a series of activities among strategy, design and prototyping. Debrief, UX Benchmark, User Research, Co-Design, Prototyping, User testing, UX Guidelnes, Brand adaptions, Official launch, Monitoring


Live for everyone

Launched in early ’17

Corporate sponsorship

Agilent Technologies, one of the biggest biotech companies worldwide is providing a six zero budget for the marketing.

Reduced cost

It takes very long for both customers and the company to have their sequence shipped.


The initial design has accomodated needs mostly for beginners and researchers rather than companies, therefore new advanced features are being designed.

DNA Automation

There is a big potential to scale because now the company can spend much less time on DNA design.

User satisfaction

Even it is quite early, the users are now already using and find if very valuable.

Open issues

Continuing quantitative and qualitative testing will be made to measure KPI evaluating and framing opportunities. The main technical challenge is to build a realistic simulation engine, which will take time and lots of user data.

Typical user journey

After a small comparison with competitors, we define the pains, gains, and constraints.



I set up with an MVP for basic features and templates, making sure to cover all the user journey with consistent patterns and overall technical feasibility.

Wireframe & Prototyping

We agree to have the first prototype under Invision, over multiple and quick iterations.

Initial wireframes


Each time we complete a user story, there is a qualitative user testing with few but relevant users.

Explorative and Evaluative user testing sessions


I have collected all ux and ui patterns in one online document in order to provide guidence for current and coming updates.